Today, when the world is ravaged by the COVID-19, medical equipment has received unprecedented attention, and blood oxygen monitoring equipment related to it is more important than ever. In medicine, the blood oxygen level is a reflection of a person’s health, and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) can reflect important parameters of the blood circulatory system and respiratory circulatory system and can be an important indicator of whether the human body is healthy or healthy. The surrounding environment is hypoxic. . Therefore, the blood oxygen monitoring equipment can play a quick early warning function on this battlefield without gunpowder and smoke.

Pulse oximeter not only plays an important role in the treatment of heart disease but also gradually becomes one of the important daily physiological monitoring methods in ordinary families, which can help us understand our health conditions more comprehensively.

The measurement principle of the oximeter is to combine the photoelectric oxygen measurement technology with the volume pulsation technology, using two beams of different wavelengths to illuminate the fingertips of the human body through the transmission finger clip sensor, and then gradually obtain the measurement signal through the photosensitive device. After processing the acquired information through the electronic circuit and the microprocessor, the measurement results are displayed on the display screen.

Blood oxygen saturation should usually be higher than 95% of the normal level of the human body. When the oxygen concentration in the blood is at a low level, it will affect the normal work of the heart and brain. In addition, many clinical diseases can also cause insufficient oxygen supply, which will directly affect the normal metabolism of cells and seriously threaten human life. Therefore, real-time monitoring of blood oxygen saturation is very important in clinical rescue.

Wearable medical devices for monitoring important physiological parameters of the human body are increasingly occupying an important position. The finger oximeter device is small in size, comfortable to wear and can provide continuous and accurate key health data, and can update and test blood oxygen and pulse data anytime and anywhere. Although the current blood oxygen saturation cannot clearly remind you whether you are infected with the coronavirus, it is indeed an important indicator that we should pay attention to in our daily lives. Taking daily physical exercise as an example, blood oxygen saturation can be used to assess whether the blood oxygen saturation after exercise is correct. Refer to the load caused by the body. In addition, cardiovascular disease is one of the reasons for the high mortality rate in our country, and it is now showing a trend in younger people. Therefore, in addition to portable oximeters, other devices that can monitor blood oxygen saturation data can now be used. This is also a good choice.