World Famous Flowers 1 - Peony 世界名花系列之一 牡丹

Peony flower, Chinese national flower; Bright colors, floral fragrance; The flowers are big and beautiful, pleasing to the eyes; Hundreds of varieties, romantic and unrestrained; Cultural paintings, plenty of works; Since ancient times, the king of flowers.

World Famous Flowers 2 - Camellia 世界名花系列之二 茶花

Camellia is a precious winter flower plant variety in the world.

World Famous Flowers 3 - Rose 世界名花系列之三 月季花

月季花被称为花中皇后,中国是原产地之一,月季花是英国的国花, 它有很多的颜色和品种,主要颜色是红色,粉色,还有白色,黄色,橘黄色……品种有纽曼姐妹,太阳火焰,x. 夫人,吉祥,月季夫人,粉和平……月季花喜阳光,不喜太多水,花朵大而艳丽,多数品种有芳香,一些有浓香型,开花时节,花朵层出不穷,修剪的最适合时间是接近发芽,停止休眠之际,月季花保持在一两米高度为好,易开花,一些品种可以长到几米高,耐寒。
The rose is called the queen of flowers. China is one of the places of origin. The rose is the national flower of the United Kingdom. It has many colours and varieties. The main colours are red, pink, and white, yellow, and orange. . . Varieties are Newman sisters, Sun Flame, Mrs. x., Auspicious, Mrs. Rose, Pink Peace. . . Roses like sunshine but don’t like too much water. The flowers are big and gorgeous, Most varieties are fragrant, some have strong fragrance, and the blooming season is endless. The most suitable time for pruning is close to germination and stop dormant, It is better to keep the rose flower at a height of one or two meters, and it is easy to bloom, and some varieties can grow to a few meters high, it is cold resistant.