Vegetarian food can find meaning in life

The benefits of being a vegetarian

1. Have a good heart
2. Stay away from toxins and “clean up” the body
3. Make you live longer
4. You look better and more “shaped”
5. You will become more “balanced”
6. Good for the environment
7. This is the right approach
8. More earth and more energy efficient
9. Save more water and land
10. Vegetarian food can improve wisdom
11. Vegetarian food improves intelligence
12. Vegetarian food can improve character
13. Reduce the occurrence of vascular diseases
14. Stay away from diabetes
15. Control high blood pressure
16. Makes your mind quick
17. Reduce the incidence of cancer
18. Can reduce kidney load
19. Lower cholesterol content
20. Like a release

Food is only the basic level of life. There are four levels in life, from low level to high level: physical level, biological logic level, biological cultural level, and finally the level of truth, goodness, beauty, ideals, and morality. Among them, diet is the content of the “biological logic layer”.

When a person says, “You can’t live without eating meat,” this sentence actually reflects that he attaches great importance to the “biological logic layer” and believes that human life lies in eating.

1: Misunderstanding that not eating meat is equivalent to not eating “food”

Of course, people need food to survive, but many people mistakenly think that people who do not eat meat are not “nutrient” enough, so they cannot survive. Thinking this way is just a misunderstanding. In fact, people who don’t eat meat can live healthier.

2: Misunderstanding that the meaning of life is only to eat

Of course, life still has a lot more noble meanings than food, but there are some people who have not found more meaningful things in life, such as daily life camps and camps. If you don’t write about food, your life will be beautiful. Things are lost. For this type of friend, it is not true that diet is the most important thing in life, but at a certain stage of life, he has not found something more worth pursuing.

The proverb says: “Satisfaction with drinking water”, “Wasting pillow and forgetting meal”, when a person concentrates on pursuing more valuable things, diet naturally becomes secondary. The same goes for being vegetarian. When a person understands the meaning behind being vegetarian and hopes to pursue the value behind being vegetarian, he will naturally become a vegetarian.

The beauty of diet is not in the food but in the heart.

The above two explanations may not be complete enough. Some people will still say: “No, food can also be very cultural. Isn’t it a higher meaning to pursue a variety of food and enjoy life?”

Whether food is delicious or not often does not lie in the ingredients themselves, but in the state of eating. For example, when we order a dish in an ordinary restaurant, we choose a “homemade tofu”. If the price of this side dish is very cheap, even if it is not done well, most people will find it delicious;

However, when the same dish goes to a high-end restaurant, the price is increased, the environment is different, and people’s requirements for this dish are also increased. Even if it tastes the same as an ordinary restaurant, most people will criticize why the restaurant makes it. Low-level dishes.

This means that we are affected by various external factors such as social culture, restaurant decoration, price, even climate, mood, the appearance of the chef, the clothes of the waiters, and the attitude of the boss. All things affect our evaluation of taste.

What is the most delicious food in the world? There is a point of view that everyone will agree with-“The food you eat when you are very hungry is the most delicious.”

Promoting vegetarianism is from this perspective, reminding us to return to the food itself and to obtain happiness through simple eating.

Because of this world, too many things interfere with our enjoyment of taste, even if we eat a lot, our hearts are still not satisfied. To be vegetarian is to emphasize “simple beauty”, “simple beauty”, and return to the natural beauty of truth, goodness, and beauty.

Vegetarianism does not advocate “asceticism”, but hopes that we can get a satisfying life through a simple diet.

What we need to learn about being vegetarian is actually Su Xin.

When a person can say “What is the meaning of life in being a vegetarian?” It reflects that there is really no fun in his life, or that he does not know how to enjoy the delicious food, so he has to numb himself by strengthening stimulation.

Real happiness should be lasting, from the heart, and not interfered with by external factors.

The happiness we get from eating is only short-term happiness, which must be maintained through continuous eating every day. If we don’t eat well one day, will we be unhappy?

Vegetarianism is different. Vegetarians believe that there are many other joys in life. They don’t need to eat to make their lives better. Even if they eat lightly every day, or go to a restaurant but there are no dishes to choose from, they will not be angry and complain.

There is a famous saying: “Happiness does not lie in having more, but in needing less.” Or, “Happiness does not lie in the environment, but in the state of mind.”

Vegetarianism is one such exercise. Let us practice simplicity and simplicity in our diet, and pursue the meaning of life that truly satisfies our hearts. We don’t need to be obsessed with food to make our lives more beautiful and better!

When we spend less thought on eating, we can spend more mental time on more meaningful things, and life will be freer.

Vegetarianism, although it seems to be talking about dietary issues, in fact, the philosophy behind vegetarianism is an important reason for attracting people to adhere to vegetarianism.

Vegetarianism is a kind of life practice and the first step to returning to the joy of body and mind. As long as you start to try vegetarianism, your life will continue to change, with surprises every day, and even say-“If you don’t eat meat, I found the meaning of life! “