Eletrical vs Manual Toothbrushes

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There are a couple of key differences that significantly separate an electrical toothbrush from its manual counterpart: Bristles – when manual toothbrushes feature hard, medium, or soft bristles with different heights and angles, electric toothbrushes go further by driving the bristle moving at a higher speed leading to more cleaning action. Customization – There are […]


Today, when the world is ravaged by the COVID-19, medical equipment has received unprecedented attention, and blood oxygen monitoring equipment related to it is more important than ever. In medicine, the blood oxygen level is a reflection of a person’s health, and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) can reflect important parameters of the blood circulatory system […]

8 Chinese Cuisines System

Shandong Sichuan Guangdong Jiangsu Fujian Zhejiang Hunan Anhui Shandong The taste is mainly salty and fresh. Pay attention to the superb texture of the raw materials, use salt to extract freshness, use soup to strengthen freshness, and therefore the seasoning emphasizes salty freshness and purity, highlighting the original flavor. Xianxian is that the main ingredient […]

London’s Cherry Blossoms

https://youtu.be/zgHiCALvlpc大家好, 每年的4月到5月, 正是伦敦的大樱花尽情绽放的季节。今天我来到了伦敦北部Arnos Park 周围的几条街, 和煦的春风拂面而来, 抬头远望湛蓝的天空, 近赏街边粉红色,一望无际的大樱花临风摇曳,禁不住喜悦的心情。我拍下了这个视频和大家一起分享,希望大家能够喜欢。Hello, everyone, from April till May every year, it is the season when the big cherry blossoms in London bloom to their fullest. Today I came to a few streets around Arnos Park in North London. The gentle spring breeze was blowing in my face. I looked up […]

Flower Garden

World Famous Flowers 1 – Peony 世界名花系列之一 牡丹 https://youtu.be/kxPF_JYaA8I 牡丹花卉,华夏国花;色彩炫丽,鲜艳飘香;花大而美,赏心悦目;数百品种,浪漫奔放;文化绘画,作品丰富;自古以来,花中之王。 Peony flower, Chinese national flower; Bright colors, floral fragrance; The flowers are big and beautiful, pleasing to the eyes; Hundreds of varieties, romantic and unrestrained; Cultural paintings, plenty of works; Since ancient times, the king of flowers. World Famous Flowers 2 – Camellia 世界名花系列之二 茶花 […]

Vegetarian food can find meaning in life

The benefits of being a vegetarian 1. Have a good heart2. Stay away from toxins and “clean up” the body3. Make you live longer4. You look better and more “shaped”5. You will become more “balanced”6. Good for the environment7. This is the right approach8. More earth and more energy efficient9. Save more water and land10. […]