7 great places to go for autumn trips in Shanghai

Pujiang Country Park

Address: No. 8, Lane 2578, Puxing Road, Minhang District 
Transportation: Shendu Highway Station of Metro Line 8

2021上海浦江郊野公园奇迹花园春季花展时间门票交通- 金沙集团下载_金沙棋牌游戏平台_金沙澳门手机娱乐游戏The Miracle Garden in Pujiang Country Park is particularly eye-catching from October to November. The 2020 Autumn Flower Show has kicked off. The miracle tapestry decorated with zinnias is so beautiful that it bursts. It is a large-scale heartbeat scene!

The C-debut of the Flower Fairy Castle is beautiful and dreamlike like a fairyland. From the castle, it overlooks the 16,000-square-meter miracle tapestry, which is full of flowers covering the sky and the earth.

浦江郊野公园奇迹花园景点信息_浦江郊野公园奇迹花园景点介绍_浦江郊野公园奇迹花园景区游览攻略【找热闹网】This autumn, you must come to the Miracle Garden to walk the 500-meter-long sky bridge, leaning down to take a bird’s eye view, changing scenery, and surrounded by fragrance and refreshing your heart!

Shanghai Fengjing Ancient Town

Address: No. 28, Lane 8588, Tingfeng Road, Jinshan District
Transportation: Fengjing Pailou on Fengmei Line (get off the passenger station)

上海古镇一日游——最幽静的枫泾古镇!Shanghai Fengjing Ancient Town is the west gate of Shanghai. It has been named one of the “New Shanghai Eight Scenic Spots”. It has a longer history than Zhujiajiao and has a gentle, tender, and comfortable beauty for more than 1,500 years.

Fengjing Ancient Town is a typical Jiangnan water town, surrounded by water networks and crisscrossing rivers in the area. It is known as “three steps and two bridges and ten harbors at one sight”. It is a large-scale and well-preserved ancient water town in Shanghai.

上海枫泾古镇艺术气息_新浪旅游_新浪网In the cool autumn weather, you might as well go to the ancient town full of charm and feel the atmosphere of the southern water town. When you come to Fengjing Ancient Town, you must taste the Fengjing Dingti, which is crisp but not rotten, soft, and fragrant. There are also Fengjing champion cakes, Tianxiang dried tofu, Fengjing rice dumplings, Fengjing rice wine, glutinous rice eggs…wander around and eat all day, leisurely and beautiful.

Qiuxia Garden, one of the five classical gardens in Shanghai

Address: No. 314, East Street, Jiading District
Transportation: Bus Jiading 12 Road Bole Plaza Station

中国对联超级联赛第三轮丨各省高手题署「东南西北」之「东」:上海秋霞圃_认江山The Qiuxia Garden is the oldest and most well-preserved of the five classical gardens in Shanghai. It was originally built by Gong Hong in the Ming Dynasty and later merged with the Shen and Jin Gardens to form today’s Qiuxia Garden.

The layout of the garden is ingeniously designed, small and large, with four major scenic spots: Taohuatan, Ningxiang Pavilion, Yimiao, and Qingjingtang, with twists and turns, and winding paths leading to quiet places.

Especially in November, the red leaves in the whole garden are really beautiful! At that time, the Qiuxia Garden always attracted a large number of photography enthusiasts, with white walls and black tiles, green water, and red leaves, full of gentle and graceful Su-style gardens.

Dongtan Wetland Park

Address: Dongwang Middle Road, Dongtan, Chongming District, Shanghai
Transportation: Self-driving is recommended

图片Dongtan Wetland Park is adjacent to the Dongtan Bird Nature Reserve, and it is also the only wetland park adjacent to the migratory bird reserve in China. It is known as a bird-watching spot.

This is the only way for migratory birds to migrate in the Asia-Pacific region, and it is also a wintering ground for waterfowl. Thousands of birds fly here from the end of November to March of the following year.

Come for bird watching in the early morning, and by the way, you can also catch a glimpse of the sunrise in Chongming. Breathe the first rays of light oxygen in the morning and feel the first rays of sunshine at sunrise.

Jinshanzui Fishing Village

Address: East Village, Shihua Street, Jinshan District
Transportation: Self-driving is recommended


As the “last living fishing village in Shanghai”, Jinshanzui Fishing Village has a history of more than 6,000 years and has a long history of sea fishing.

The restored old street of the fishing village basically retains the original architectural features of the local fishermen, showing the ancient charm and folk customs of the old street fishing village. The old house, the viewing platform, the Mazu Cultural Center, and the black tiled buildings with uniform white walls are a different kind of Shanghai.

The sea is beautiful, the casual petty bourgeoisie, the simple fisherman, and the sky are high and cloudy in autumn, come to the fishing village to find the “dense fishing flavor” and local food.

Changxing Island

Address: Outside Wusongkou, Chongming District, Shanghai
Transportation: Self-driving is recommended

长兴岛万户家庭柑桔采摘节开始啦!畅吃门票¥19.9元起,赠送3斤,10月1日正式开园!_桔子红了Changxing Island is the second-largest island in Shanghai and is known as the hometown of oranges and the hometown of longevity. In autumn, Changxing Island will welcome a large number of tourists to pick citrus and admire the autumn scenery.

The township’s citrus area is 20,000 mu, and the output is 40,000 tons. Domestic high-quality citrus varieties such as Xinjin, Owari, Miyagawa, and Mantou red can be found here. They are fresh and delicious, with moderate acidity, and a touch of orange fragrance and autumn. More worthy!

Changxing Island also has the largest country park in Shanghai-Changxing Island Country Park, 150 acres of sunny lawns, 10,000-meter colorful trails, a barbecue orchard farmhouse, and you can also bring your own pets to have fun together!

Water Drip lake

Address: Intersection of Shengang Avenue and Huanhu Xiyi Road, Nanhui New City, Pudong New Area
Transportation: Metro Line 16 Dishuihu Station Exit 1

11号地铁南推荐:上海滴水湖十景_11号地铁南_新浪博客Water Drip Lake is the most iconic place in Lingang New Area and the second largest artificial freshwater lake in China. There are three differently positioned islands in the lake-the North Island is called the “Entertainment Island”; the West Island is positioned as a business and tourist accommodation area; the South Island is a water leisure and entertainment island.

Along the lake is a scenic belt with an average width of 80 meters, which is mainly green construction. It not only has a beautiful environment and pleasant scenery but also can carry out various water activities, entertainment, and leisure activities. There are bright neon lights on the bridge at night.

Three or five friends gather together, find a park grassland for camping and picnic, kite-flying, cycling around the lake. You can also take a speedboat and cruise to enjoy the infinite lake scenery. Take advantage of the weather before it’s too cold, don’t just go around.